Thursday, July 4, 2013

I am home

Starting over
A new city, new air, new people
I struggle, starting over isn't easy
I want to go back
I don't want to make the effort again
I want it to get better
But it will take its own time

A different world
Of people I never knew before
Of new possibilities and dimensions
Yet I sometimes wonder aimless

But then when you are close
For those few moments I know 
This struggle isn't futile
This effort isn't for nothing

For years I have wondered 
Where is home
For years I have struggled to call a place my own
And in those moments of comfort 
When you are next to me
Talking, holding and breathing free
I know you aren't tying me down to a new place
Rather setting me free
And now forever
I need no walls to call my own
With you I am always home! 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Of the turbine waters

Of the turbine waters
Running fast and loud
Of loving and laughing
Together into the unknown
Of my wishes and your desires
Watering our faith in stories untold
Of here and now, tomorrow and forever
Lost in embrace and feeling close
Let me sing tonight
A new song of new beginnings

Monday, February 25, 2013

The dawn

I wake up, and whisper your name
Stay close, I am glad you came
You have a ring of happiness around
That wraps my heart and makes it sound

I wonder where were you before
How many years of love have I lost
Wondering away and figuring my life
Making mistakes, but growing strong

Now in this hour of dawn
When you are here and I am sure
I don’t care if they say I’m dramatic
And if I cherish you more and more

No need to be strong any more
Want to sleep vulnerable today
As your warmth fills my space
And my love never fades

Saturday, February 23, 2013

A dream

These dark spaces and thin walls
Winding staircase standing tall
Gather me as I go down

 Grow your heart through the twisted rage
Shatter and break the small cage
Wings are meant to be used, not broken
Gather that strength as their claim is shaken

Small boxes, tiny lies
Falling, rising, growing wild
Twisters of your repeated good-byes

Simple tunes and mellow tangents
Take my hand and give me a lift
I wonder how long before
You will eventually get the drift

This turn, that sphere
Seizing the moment
Growing up, reaching here

I am not young anymore
Long ago my ambitious tore
Yet there is a dimmed light
Shinning strong, ready to fight

Hold on, hold on, it says to me
Never have those dreams turned ripe
Give them another chance to reach the light

I wake up, holding my heart
Your face seems surreal
And when that buried dream came to life again
Through your love, all my strength came


I spent a day inside
With lights shining outside my window
Calling me to touch them
Worrying and broken hearted

I leapt at the thought of crossing over
Every moment growing bright
Gazing upwards
Turning right

I wish you never granted me
A wish of tireless love
Yet you want me to write
A sad love song, full of light

Rise up, look and smile
I stand and watch over you
Give you warmth from my cold heart
And whisper - take a leap, make a start

I climb the window of my faiths
I scream and shout your name
I want the thoughts beneath to stop and look up
And tell them, I am not what they claim

Saturday, February 16, 2013

One year on...

Today I lay my eyes on you
Today I knew you were true
Today I will take another leap
And surround my heart with walls of faith

Last year I woke up alone
Went about my day, clueless, unknown
Though his year too I wake up alone
But sounds from your heart, keep me company, make me feel at home

A year gone by, a year full of love
Of new adventures as if guided from above
You came in my life, took me by surprise
Made me trust, take the plunge and rise

A year of magical potions
Of shattering old beliefs and finding solid grounds
You made me love myself again
And wonder how you could so easily mend

A giant leap of faith I used to fear
Came so easily with your simple touch
Now it seems like it was meant to be
Do, Re, Me often makes a melody

For the coming year, my wish is simple
Some more love, minus the distance
And that this love teaches me patience
Most precious bonds, require wait and endurance

A fleeting moment of certainty!

There was sadness in his eyes. He told me it was love. I believed him.
But there was a flicker of hope somewhere hidden beneath them. Saying it will be ok. Telling me to hold on.
I thought not of tomorrow, never did I look back at time. I thought of today, of this moment.
He told me life will have to catch up with us. As we ride these tests of time, as your hand breaks my fall.
Life will have to stop being a passing moment, and be much more. I thought I knew what he meant. And I did.
We fled together. Over land and sea and mountains. With dawn and dusk mingling together. He said it was our destiny. I believed him.
I knew my heart will never feel the same again. I knew this time I will not survive this. I knew I didn't want to. This moment was too big to let life interfere with it.
He trusted me and I trusted his love. I knew I could. Our paths had merged for one reason. The reason was not a profound meaning behind all this. It wasn't for all that we lost and all that we will find. It wasn't for a higher power. It was for us, for now, for this fleeting moment of certainty.
As a simple being I don't have too many moments of epiphany. I enjoy simple things and I like to believe that is where our life is created. But when something so big is looking at you. You know your existence will never be simple again. You know you embrace this power.
It is sometimes easier to wish on a rising star than a falling one. Sometimes you just know your wish will make it all the way. This was one of those times.
As time passed and I bonded with him. With his eccentricities, with his tiny habits, with love he gave, with tears he wiped, with more joy than sorrow in his being. I knew, that the fleeting moment of certainty was a life changing event. And I was staring at my soul mate.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Will you, just once

When you sleep tonight, I wonder
Will you smile and whisper my name
Will you cry and miss me there
Will you think of my embrace

When you see the light tomorrow
Will you wonder what I'm doing
Will you know I feel the same
Will you call and say my name

When the pangs of separation pass
Will you know how I survived
Will you carry my weak trembling heart
Will you be a sunrise smile

When my dying heart gains strength
And you are there to tender and mend
Will you know I can't forget
How comfort came with your sweet voice
And how your brought light in my eyes

Its tough sometimes to trust this love
With its hardships and winding roads
Yet when you call, tell me of your day
All my fears fly away
All that's left are your simple words
And your eyes teasing me with your love

I wish just once more I could
Tell you how stay with you I should
But now so many days have past
Only patience will make it last
I do hope you soon too say
Without me you won't stay

So when you sleep tonight my love
Just once think of my embrace
And once call my name
Just once say how your love
Grows deeper while you wait

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Going beyond of my fears

Another day has passed
Another vague uncertain day
I tell myself it's ok

Who'd have thought
I'd figure out all compilations
And yet be beaten by
A simple truth of distance
That one step towards you will seem months away
But your love in my heart glowing will stay

I don't know when will I see you again
And when I will do, will you feel the same
But every time you say you are there
I can see you bright and clear

I may have been plenty wrong
And in turn wronged by plenty
But this time my feelings seem to know the truth
And tell me to stay put

Slowly I move forward in time
As I realise
This vague uncertainty
Isn't of faith, feelings or care
It's just of logistical sphere
And when finally you will be near
I'll hold you and let go of this fear